Tuesday, June 7, 2011


 There is a legend based on Greek mythology that tells us the origin of the sunflower. The legend has it that once upon a time, Clytie, a dryad, deeply fell in love with Apollo, the God of the Sun. But Apollo felt no love for her. Hence, all she could do was just sitting and fixing her eyes only on her beloved sun from sunrise until sunset. Magically, the body of Clytie was changed into a sunflower. Her legs turned to be the stem while the face became the flower. Her gold hair became the yellow petals. Though in the form of a flower, Clytie still turned her face to the sun all the time. That is why the sunflower always turns its head to the sun. 


  1. i love the picture ..
    there some sun light escaping from the back of the picture toward the front it makes flower even "goldier" .. :D

    plus, the post concept is really creative too,
    i wish u'd post a story (u wrote or read somewhere) with pictures you take every once in a while .. it makes things spicier .. :p

  2. بدي البزر!


    thanks for the mythology-briefing :)

  3. هيثم شو بتفكرش الا في بطنك

    عبد شكرااااااا


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